I call this home

I live in the wonderfully colorful and life filled town of Athens, Georgia. This has been home since 2011 when I married my husband who also doubles as my best friend. We love people, and food, and hanging out talking and eating. I am seeing a trend.

So on to my art!

I started my pursuit of art when I first started asking if I could stay in from recess to color. Over the years I experimented with different types of paint mediums. Like many artists I chose a very non-traditional route for my life. After spending several years living overseas I returned to my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia to study under renowned portrait artist Chris di Domizio.

Becoming a portrait artist

During those five years with di Domizio my love of portraiture was born. Through studying the old masters I was equipped to begin a career in art. Some of my first clients were fellow students. Over time word spread and my clientele grew developing into a fulltime profession.

What I do now

With an emphasis in oil portrait paintings I now accept commissions in a wide variety of subjects and mediums. I feel so fortunate to be able to pursue my passion of art as a career. I love spending time getting to know my clients and discovering their uniqueness. My goal in art is to create lasting works of beauty that not only portray a likeness, but tell a story.

Some more about me…

  • Favorite Artist: John Singer Sargent
  • Most beautiful place I’ve called home: Schladming, Austria
  • Favorite paint: Ultramarine Blue
  • Beverage of choice: Coffee
  • On my playlist: Ben Rector
  • Siblings: 10 (yes you read that right)