Volterra, Italy

May 10, 2017

Three years ago we set out on an adventure of a lifetime!

For my husband’s 30th birthday his parents gave him a beautiful etched glass globe and told him it was actually for both of our 30th birthdays and represented a trip. A trip we got to choose! To anywhere in the world! The one catch was we had to take them with us.

Needless to say – we agreed to the terms.

We arrived in Rome on a frigid drizzly day which thankfully was not a sign of times ahead! Our itinerary for Italy included Positano¬†and Pompeii, Volterra, Cinque Terra, Florence and Venice. The ancient Etruscan town of Volterra was the one stop we were unsure about, but decided it couldn’t be all that bad if it was in Tuscany.

As we exited the bustling streets of Rome I could feel myself began to relax as the the blue hills came into view. Our winding path through tiny towns and over luscious fields had already charmed me by the time we reached the hilltop town of Volterra. What a hidden gem and surprise after not being sure we would enjoy this stop on the trip.

The photo that inspired this painting was taken at sunset. We had spent the later portion of the afternoon deep in a stone wine cellar below a shop with a charming sommelier who opened our eyes to the difference a single bite of salami can have on a sip of chianti.

We emerged from the cellar to a brilliant sunset. After admiring the view for a minute the rest of the group was ready to set off and find a spot for dinner. I simply could not go. There was no way I could leave the spectacular view of that evening sky and head indoors quite yet! I convinced my husband to find out where they were going to dinner and meet me at the town gate in half an hour.

This painting is inspired by one of the many photographs I was able to capture that amazing evening. This piece will hang in my in-laws home, and hopefully always remind them of that charming evening, and the beautiful time we shared together in Italy.


Volterra, Italy | Katherine Schuber Portrait Artist

The Schuber family on the Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy

Volterra, Italy | Katherine Schuber Portrait Artist


Volterra, Italy | Katherine Schuber Portrait Artist


Volterra, Italy | Katherine Schuber Portrait Artist

Amalfi Coast

Volterra, Italy | Katherine Schuber Portrait Artist

Rooftop of our hotel in Florence overlooking the Duomo

Volterra, Italy | Katherine Schuber Portrait Artist


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