Painting Melissa McCarthy for The Boss

May 5, 2016

I had the opportunity to paint a portrait of Melissa McCarthy for her new film “The Boss”. This hilarious film is the story of Michelle Darnell (McCarthy) a self-made wealthy business women who finds herself in jail, charged with insider trading. She is finally released and determined to make a new life – which proves to not be quite as easy as she first thought. In an effort to rebrand herself she gets mixed up in a brownie war she...

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Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gift

April 18, 2016

I was approached by a husband who wanted to commission a special piece for his wife for their 5th anniversary. He had written her a poem five years ago when they got engaged that he had never shown her and now wanted to give to her. The traditional gift for the 5th wedding anniversary is wood and he was hoping to incorporate that somehow. I suggested burning the poem into wood. Because, well – I had had never done it...

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Little Free Library

February 16, 2016

I love being asked to do unusual commissions. This year has already brought a couple of unique projects through the doors of my studio. In December I was approached by LEAD Athens- a leadership development program of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce. They wanted my help in designing a Little Library as part of their community based program. If you have not heard of the Little Free Library’s before now, they are awesome! They are basically over-sized birdhouses that...

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The Lesson of the Ox Goad

February 1, 2016

Many years ago Webster’s father passed along Dr. A. Louis Patterson’s lesson of the ox goad to him and his three brothers. Webster approached me about having a painting done for his father of the ox goad and the meaningful message it carried. I asked Webster if he would mind me sharing the story behind the painting. Here are his words as handed down to him from his father. “At the time, Israel was under Philistine rule and weapons were not allowed....

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Hunt for the Perfect Christmas Tree

January 2, 2016

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love! – Hamilton Wright Mabie Two years ago on a clear cold December day my cousin Jedd asked his girlfriend to go snowmobiling in the beautiful Colorado Mountains where they lived. He told her their mission was to find “the perfect Christmas tree”. They found just that – a beautiful tree all decorated, way up in the mountains with a gorgeous view! He asked her to become...

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Painting of Michael Douglas featured in Marvel’s Ant-Man

December 16, 2015

With Marvel’s Ant-Man release on DVD I am now able to share the exciting news – I have a painting in the film!!! I was contacted in the fall of 2014 by a production designer I had worked with on a previous film for Universal Studios a couple of years back. This time Marvel needed a painting of Michael Douglas for a scene in the motion picture Marvel’s Ant-Man, and wondered if I was interested and had the availability. Absolutely!...

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Fall Adventures and the Marietta-Cobb Museum of Art

December 4, 2015

Four day work weeks are the best. Especially when you decide to take Friday off and drive to the mountains! My husband and I headed to North Georgia to soak up the last of the fall colors. Coffee in hand we passed through Tallulah Gorge and wound through small mountain towns. We unpacked our picnic lunch lakeside somewhere around Blairsville and got in a short snooze in the sun! Later we found an apple stand and purchased a huge box...

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Judge Michael E. Hancock

November 24, 2015

I was honored to have the opportunity to paint Judge Michael E. Hancock’s portrait.  His painting will hang in the DeKalb County Courthouse in Decatur, Georgia where he served for over 30 years. He began his career as an investigator with the DeKalb Juvenile Court. He left there to attend Emory Law School. After graduating he served in the Peace Corps for a year as a way of paying it forward. In 1979 Judge Hancock became DeKalb County’s first African-American...

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November 12, 2015

They had been preparing for months. Through injuries, busy schedules, new jobs, and rainy 18 mile training runs. And they were prepared. This past weekend we accompanied three of my brothers and sister-in-law to Savannah to run in the Rock n’ Roll Savannah Marathon. By “accompanied” I mean we came to buy the donuts and hold the silly signs. We rented a house on Tybee Island and were well stocked with food for the weekend. I am so proud of...

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Mayoral Portrait Unveiling

October 19, 2015

I had the unique opportunity yesterday to attend the Dedication Ceremony for Jordan Middle School in Lawrenceville, Georgia, where my painting of Mr. H. Rhodes Jordan, Sr. was unveiled. Mayor Judy Johnson commissioned the painting of her father which will hang in the school being named in his honor. From everyone who spoke yesterday Mr. Jordan sounded like an incredible leader with a heart to serve his community. The only times he lived outside of Lawrenceville were when he was...

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